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ġ ؼ (Numerical Methods)

Syllabus - Spring 2012

Chapter 1        Mathematical Modeling and Engineering problem Solving

Chapter 2        Programming and software

Chapter 3        Approximations and Round-off Errors

Chapter 4        Truncation Errors and the Taylor Series

Chapter 5        Bracketing Methods

Chapter 6        Open methods

Chapter 7        Engineering Applications : Roots of Equations

Chapter 8        Gauss Elimination

Chapter 9        LU Decomposition and Matrix Inversion

Chapter 10      Special Matrices and Gauss-Seidel

Chapter 11      Engineering Applications : linear Algebraic Equations

Chapter 12      Unconstrained Optimizations

Chapter 13      Constrained Optimizations

Chapter 14      Engineering Applications : Optimizations

Chapter 15      Least-Squares Regression

Chapter 16      Interpolation

Chapter 17      Engineering Applications : Curve Fitting

Chapter 18      Newton-Cotes integration Formulas

Chapter 19      Integration of Equaions

Chapter 20      Numerical Differentiation

Chapter 21      Engineering Applications : Numerical Differentiation and Integration

Chapter 22      Runge-Kutta Methods

Chapter 23      Boundary-value and Elgen value Problems

Chapter 24      Engineering Applications : Ordinary Differential Equations