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Chapter 1 Diesel Engine Basics

                    1.1    The Case for the Diesel Engine


Chepter 2 Diesel Emissions

          Characterization of Emissions

                     2.1    What Are Diesel Emissions

                     2.2    Gaseous Emissions

                     2.3    Diesel Particulate Matter

                     2.4    Diesel Exhaust Particle Size

          Health and Environmental Effects

                     2.5    Health and Environmental Effects

                     2.6    Diesel Emission Inventory

                     2.7    Exposure to Diesel Exhaust

                     2.8    Health Effects of Gas Phase Components

                     2.9    Health Effects of Diesel Particulates

                     2.10   Environmental Effects of Emissions

          Measurement of  Emissions

                     2.11   Exhaust Gas Sampling

                     2.12   Gas Phase Measurements

                     2.13   Particulate Matter Measurements

                     2.14   Measurement of Ambient Diesel Aerosol


Chapter 3 Disel Fuels

          Petroleum Diesel Fuel

                    3.1    What is Diesel Fuel

                    3.2    Fuel Properties and Emissions

          Alternative Diesel Fuels

                    3.3    Synthetic Diesel Fuel

                    3.4    Biodiesel

                    3.5    Dimethyl Ether


Chapter 4 Clean Diesel Engine

                    4.1    Emission Control Technologies

                    4.2    Engine Design

                    4.3    Exhaust Gas Recirculation

                    4.4    Effect of EGR on Engine and Emissions

                    4.5    Common-Rail fuel Injection

                    4.6    Ceramic In-Cylinder Coatings


Chapter 5 Catalyst Technologies

          Emission Control Catalysts

                    5.1    Emission Control Catalysts

                    5.2    Catalyst Fundamentals

                    5.3    Catalyst Deactivation Mechanisms

                    5.4    Cellular Monolith Substrates

                    5.5    Ceramic Catalyst Substrates

                    5.6    Metallic Catalyst Substrates

                    5.7    Catalytic Coating & Materials

                    5.8    Catalytic Converters

          Diesel Catalysts

                    5.9    Diesel Catalysts

                    5.10   Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

                    5.11   Selective catalytic Reduction

                    5.12   Lean NOx Catalyst

                    5.13   NOx Adsorbers

                    5.14   Commercial Catalyst Technologies

                    5.15   Deactivation of Diesel Catalyst


Chapter 6 Particulate Filters

          Diesel Filter Fundamentals

                    6.1    Diesel Trap Concepts

                    6.2    Diesel Filter Regeneration

          Filter Materials

                    6.3    Wall Flow Monoliths

                    6.4    Nextel Fibers and Cartridges

          Filter Systems

                    6.5    Catalyzed Disel traps

                    6.6    CRT Filter

                    6.7    Traps with Fuel Aditives

                    6.8    Electrically Regenerated Traps

                    6.9    Traps with fuel Burners

                    6.10   Microwave Regenerated Filters


Chapter 7 Novel Technologies

                    7.1    Plasma Exahust Treatment